10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

santasbestgifts.comTeachers are important people in your child’s life, and you want to give a gift they’ll love to show you appreciate all they do. Whether they’re a first year teacher or a seasoned veteran it’s a nice gesture to acknowledge them with a thoughtful gift at Christmas.  We’ve put together some of the best gifts for teachers.  There’s something for every budget.

  • Jewelry – nice, but affordable!  Bracelets with various words on them come in colorful choices with charms, jewels or beads and make great gifts for female teachers, like this Teacher Wisdom Inspire Expressively Yours Bracelet Teacher Wisdom Inspire Expressively Yours Bracelet Gift Boxed Other jewelry gifts you can get are angel teacher pins for a sweater or shirt or teacher necklaces. You can get necklaces that range from the simple to expensive diamond apple ones.  Charm bracelets with teacher related charms are high on the top gifts list this year.

  • teacher_superpower_journalJournals -Teachers cross paths with hundreds, maybe even thousands of students during the course of their careers. Preserving their memories with one of these journals makes a nice gift idea. Scrapbooks can also make unique teacher gifts, decorated with a class picture and the school year on the front.
  • Coffee mugs make good teachers’ gifts and since there are so many different styles, you can find one that’s suited for each teacher your child has, but be sure, teachers usually have a huge collection if they’ve been teaching for several years! You might want to consider a more trendy travel mug.  Great for male or female teachers, you can find them with various designs and “teacher inspired” sayings at a budget friendly price.

  • Lunch Bag – If you’re looking for something practical to give a teacher, one of these reusable lunch bags makes a nice gift.  Teachers often bring their lunch and these designs will brighten up their lunch – even if they have “lunch duty”!


  • Gift Baskets – A nice gift basket can make a great teacher gift.  You can either make your own using these decorative pails (maybe the kids could decorate them for a personalized touch) and adding in little items that teachers use everday, like sticky notes, pens and pencils, stickers, etc.  These fun signs are a fun way for the teacher to get their point across! You can also fill pails with little toys that the teacher can hand out to pupils whenever they do something good in her class. Premade gift baskets can get expensive so you might even think about making it a classroom gift where everyone contributes.


  • image source: recipes.howstuffworks.com

    image source: recipes.howstuffworks.com

    Homemade baked treats will surely bring a smile to your child’s teacher and make great teacher gifts! Fill decorative tins or baskets they can reuse with your homemade treats and remember to include a recipe card! If they plan to entertain over the holidays, they’ll appreciate having some of the baking already done for them!


  • Totes – Teachers are always lugging things home – papers to grade, lesson plans to work on, textbooks and more. Tote bags for carrying all of the items teachers have to carry between home and school will help keep everything in one place for them.   You might even tuck in music CDs by their favorite artists or instrumental CDs as an added surprise!


  • Computer/Desk Accessories – Funny or inspirational mouse pads make fun gifts for teachers, along with sticky notes they can use in the classroom. These clever character flash drive make great gift ideas and this “Ferrari” mouse is great for a male teacher!


  • Books – As parents, most know that teachers are overworked and underpaid!  Don’t make them feel unappreciated!  This fun twist on “Chicken Soup for The Soul” will bring a smile to their face whether they teach grade school, high school or college. Or choose the The New Yorker Book of Teacher Cartoons that pokes fun at demanding students and their even more demanding parents! It spans more than 87 years of the magazine’s history with over 100 hilarious entries!


  • Gift Cards – One of the best things you can give a teacher – male or female – is a  gift card for purchasing teaching supplies. While you might think this is a boring or unimaginative idea, teachers often spend their own money to buy  special items for the classroom and they always appreciate not having to include these expenses in their personal budget!


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