5 Fitness Gifts for Christmas


santasbestgifts.comMore and more people today are becoming more interested in leading a healthy lifestyle. Giving a fitness gift for Christmas is a great way to help them achieve their healthy living goals, whether it’s losing weight or just getting more active.

Tread lightly here – you don’t want to offend anyone by suggesting they need to lose weight! But if you know they’re trying to do so or wanting to get more active then there are lots of great ideas that make perfect Christmas gifts.

Hands Free Dog Leash

santasbestgifts.comThis is one of our favorite fitness gifts! Great for pet owners, they can take their dog along on the walks or runs and still have their hands free for a water bottle or a doggie cleanup bag.

The leash easily detaches from the belt whenever you want to just have the dog on the leash and the belt is comfortable to wear. A great, convenient way to exercise with your pet.  (Also great for “hands free” shopping when you take your dog along!)

Zing Anything

santasbestgifts.comThis cool fitness gadget goes beyond the ordinary “water bottle” idea and lets you take along tasty,  flavor infused water wherever you go.  Bypass sugary sweet flavored waters by adding fruit and/or herbs to create fantastic flavor combinations.

The Zing Anything  holds 20 oz. of water and the bottom compartment is for adding lemons, limes, oranges, mint — anything you want!  Then a simple twist of the bottle lets the metal grinder in the bottom mash up the fruit to infuse the water with luscious flavors.

It’s easy to clean and it fits in standard cup holders making it ideal to take along to the gym or to work. Makes drinking more water less boring!  BPA free.

Book/Laptop Holder for Treadmill

If you’re looking for a helpful gift for a fitness buff, these treadmill accessories make great gifts.  Exercise can be boring when you’re spending time walking on the treadmill, pedaling away on an exercise bike or working out on a stairmaster.  Adding a convenient book or laptop holder can help you forget you’re burning calories and offer an alternative to just listening to music.

This acrylic book holder will hold books, magazines, newspapers, tablets, even a Kindle! It’s lightweight construction slips right over the machine and holds the reading material securely.  Exercisers can even use their tablets to watch movies or catch up on their favorite tv shows while they burn those calories!



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