Christmas Gift Ideas for Cooks

Looking for cooking gift ideas?  Unique kitchen gifts, tools for cooking, kitchen tools and gadgets – these all make great gift ideas for people who like to cook.  Check out some of our cooking related gifts, you’re sure to find just the right gift for your chef!


Every cook – whether they’re in the home or working at a professional restaurant – loves to receive the latest cookbooks as part of their holiday gift haul. You can conduct a quick search online to find out which cookbooks are the most recent ones to hit store shelves.

cookbookFirst, try to determine if the cook you know specializes in one area (like desserts or appetizers) – or if they like to create courses from soup to nuts. Either way, you won’t have any trouble finding a gift that suits their needs.

Do you know if they have a certain preference for cooking, such as vegetarian  meals, gluten-free, or even something simple like 30 minute meals? If so, you can find a cookbook for those purposes.

Many cooks are highly in tune with celebrity chefs. Most celebrity chefs have their own line of cookbooks. This is a great gift to give, so if you catch a cook in your circles watching or talking about a certain famous chef, check to see if they have a cookbook coming out soon!

If you have a cook-in-training in the house, then consider getting them some cutting edge cookbooks where they can immerse themselves in the learning process. Even better, create a gift basket with the cookbook, plus some of the appliances , kitchen tools or foods they’ll need to get started.

For example, you might have heard of Molecular Gastronomy – a scientific way of creating food almost as an art. So you might gift them the cookbook called Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor (Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History).

Image courtesy of taoty/

Image courtesy of taoty/

But don’t stop there – include with the book specific items a chef cooking for that niche might need, like food syringes, silicon tubes, pipettes, slotted spoons, and silicon molds. These cooking accessories will give them a starting point on their journey.

Does your cook have a penchant for a certain ethnic food? Perhaps they’re prone to cook more Mexican fare or Sushi meals? You can get a cookbook geared just for that genre, and again, pair it with some other items if you want a complete gift.

For example, if you know a chef who is into making Mexican meals, then you could buy the book called The Mexican Slow Cooker: Recipes for Mole, Enchiladas, Carnitas, Chile Verde Pork, and More Favorites.

Pair that with a slow cooker! Plus, you could tack on some items they may need, like special gourmet beans, spices and more. This makes a great gift basket for any cook, depending on what flavor of foods they like to cook.

Cooking Aprons

santasbestgifts.comFor home chefs, you can invest in kitchen attire they’ll appreciate. Aprons can be chosen to depict a certain style of the gift recipient. You can also invest in oven mitts and gloves that prevent cutting mishaps, like Kevlar knit gloves.

Kitchen aprons for women have certainly come a long way since the days of Betty Crocker!

Cooks’ aprons they have now come in a wide range of styles and functionality. There are long aprons for chefs with pockets, and short aprons from the waist down that help prevent simple splashes onto clothing.

New Small Kitchen Appliances

Every chef, whether it’s a home cook or a professional one, loves to be the proud new owner of the latest kitchen appliances. Each year, manufacturers develop faster, easier and better ways to cook meals using technological advances. And the current trend is color, color, color!  Modern appliances now come in a wide variety of colors to add a decorative touch to any kitchen.

You can get many small kitchen appliances for a cook that you know, regardless of what their specialty is. But there are four specific small appliances that almost any cook would love to own.

The first is a mixer. Most cooks already own a mixer of some sort, but they’ll love an update model of their favorite brand, or perhaps a different style of mixer. With mixers, there are hand mixers (the old fashioned, yet still highly popular style) and stand mixers (which provide an unparalleled convenience).

Hand mixers have different speeds and features on them. You’ll find a wide array of colors you can buy them in to match any kitchen décor. Some of them even include elements like a retractable cord to prevent tangles and clutter.

A blender is another great gift for a cook that you know. Just as mixers have different styles, so do blenders. The cook in your house might have a countertop blender, but not yet own a hand blender (often known as an immersion blender).

Or what about a food processor for your favorite chef? Food processors come in handy during the prep stage of creating a meal, but it also helps take ingredient from the preparation stage to completion, depending on what you’re making.

To buy a food processor for the cook you know, you first need to find out if they already own one – and if so, what style. There are wide mouth processors, feed tube styles, and even mini processors.

Whenever you invest in a food processor, take into consideration what kinds of things the cook might be using it for. Some simply chop and grate fruits and vegetables and cheese, while others can do heavy duty tasks like making dough.

Speaking of dough, what about a bread machine for the best baker you know? The scent of bread baking filling a house is something that pleases everyone. Bread machines take a lot of the hard work out of the equation. You can find programmable models and ones that hold various sizes of dough, so choose accordingly to give the best Christmas gift any baker would be proud to own.

Gourmet Gifts

When a chef is prepared to bake up a new dish, he or she has to rely on local ingredients to create their concoction. It’s a wonderful Christmas gift for cooks when you provide them things they can’t get (or won’t splurge on for themselves) locally.

The gourmet section of many online sites allow you to buy your favorite cook some luxury cooking items. You can buy everything from specialty chocolate to extravagant rice and more.


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Beans and rice seem like common staples to every home, but there are some ingredients that can’t be found in your local supermarket. Take Jasmine rice, for example. You can buy it online, but probably not in your local store. It’s 100% vegan, gluten free, organic, wheat free and dairy free. Cooks who use rice would love this as a gift!

If they make dessert quite a bit, then they may have a favorite type of cookie that they use in crusts. For example, ladyfingers are often not sold in local stores. So you could create a gift basket of the top gourmet ladyfingers for their upcoming sweet culinary creations.

If the cook is into presentation, then you might consider getting them a gourmet gift of a different sort – like an array of edible flowers that they can decorate their meals with so that it won’t harm the recipient.

They have edible flower starter kits you can buy. Or, you could get them an indoor growing machine that allows them to harvest fresh herbs and spices in the comfort of their own kitchen.

If the cook that you know loves to stroll down to the local farmer’s market for fresh ingredients, then you might want to consider enrolling them in a gift of the month club as their holiday present. There are many options to choose from for great food gifts.

Image courtesy of bigjom/

Image courtesy of bigjom/

For example, you can sign them up for a mixed tropical fruit gift box club, where each month they will receive a fruit like Lychee, White Dragon Fruit, Star Fruit, Mamey Sapote, and more. These are fruits not readily found in most local markets.

There’s a chocolate of the month club, Gourmet Cheese  clubs, meat of the month clubs, and even wine of the month clubs, for perfect pairings of your cook’s culinary creations. You can typically choose from 3, 6 and 12-month options.

Image courtesy of artur84/

Image courtesy of artur84/

Herbs, spices and seasonings make great stocking stuffers for the cooks you know. You can purchase 50 pound bulk bags of spices and herbs, for example. Pasta is another option, like organic soba noodles. You might consider oils, too – they’re often pricey and it can be hard to find the more exotic oils for baking.

Don’t forget there’s a vast international marketplace online, too. You can buy things like Zafarani Reserve  for Indian cooking, Argan  culinary oil for African cooking, French gourmet cheese, German meats, Greek olives, or Korean Kim Chee Base .

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