Christmas Gifts for Moms

santsbestgifts.comNeed some Christmas gift ideas for Mom this year? It can be really hard to find something different to give Mom for Christmas, after all she’s been getting presents for years so coming up with new ideas can be a challenge.

There are two ways you can approach this. First, you can give her the same traditional Christmas gifts that people always give their moms – like perfume, a bathrobe, or a kitchen gadget. Second, you can take the surprise route and give her something she wouldn’t expect from you, but would love to receive!

Traditional Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Let’s talk about traditional Christmas gifts for Mom during the holidays. Moms love getting these types of presents because they’re usually the kind of things that are easy for their loved ones to figure out for them.

Presents to Pamper

Perfume is a great gift for mom, but instead of just buying a single fragrance, why not buy a  gift set that includes several fragrances. Or maybe a luxurious spa gift basket to make her feel truly pampered.

Fitness Gifts For Mom

tervisLots of Moms are becoming very health conscious so things that can help her whip up healthy smoothies will be much appreciated like this nifty Nutri Bullet . Add in one of these cool Tervis Tumblers so she can take her smoothie with her and you’ve got a great Christmas gift for Mom!

Here’s a modern twist on the typical wristband fitness monitor. This attractiveBellabeat fitness tracker looks like an attractive piece of jewelry, but does much more! It tracks daily activity, sleep, mindfulness and LEAF guides you and teaches you how to train your mind with guided meditation exercises. LEAF collects your data while you wear it and, when you’re ready to take a look at your results, it wirelessly syncs with the LEAF app via Bluetooth.

Wear it as a stylish bracelet or pendant.

Jewelry Gifts for Mom

jewelry gifts for mom

Nearly all women love gifts of jewelry and Moms are no exception!  Here are a few gift ideas for that very special woman in your life — MOM!

Moms love to keep the children (and/or grandchildren!) close to their heart.  Make that possible with this beautiful engraved locket!

(Hint to husbands:  makes a beautiful gift to the mother of your children as well!)


stelladotlayerednecklace2Layered necklaces are the hot trend this year.  You can make Mom smile on Christmas morning when she finds this beautiful layered (and engraveable!) necklace under the tree!

Personalize it with a name, date or favorite saying to tell Mom a story that she’ll always remember.  What Mom wouldn’t love that?

Click here for more beautiful layered necklaces in a variety of prices and styles.



Unexpected Christmas Gift Ideas for Mothers

Now if you want to shock her by giving her a gift she wouldn’t have even thought to ask for, but will really appreciate, why not go with a technical gadget that she’d normally be buying for someone else?  After all, today’s Moms are more tech savvy than you might think!

If Mom likes to travel, this very special jacket protects her from identity theft on her journey.  Extremely tech savvy it’s loaded with pockets designed to hold phones, tablets, wallets, keys, drone accessories, water bottles, sunglasses, camera accessories, GoPros, Amazon Kindle, external batteries, dog treats, leashes, and much more.

If Mom already owns a few techie gadgets you could get her accessories like a cell phone holder for her cover or a colorful cover for her tablet or eReader.  There’s tons of designs to choose from so you can choose something that fits your Mom’s personality.

For the working Mom or any woman on the go, this stylish OtterBox phone case makes a great gift.  This genuine leather case is not only stylish, but functional and “pocket friendly” for purse or pocket.

Even if Mom doesn’t have an iPhone, there are a lot of cell phone accessory styles, colors and features to choose from for any brand of phone on the market.



Gifts for mom don’t have to be the same, old boring routine. But then again, maybe mom likes traditional gifts because  she expects them. You’ll have to make that tough decision, but at least now you have some ideas to run with.

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