Loopdedoo makes a great gift for any young girl on your list.

Using ordinary embroidery floss, this unique spinning tool lets the designer make fun, funky friendship bracelets for themselves, their friends, even their family!

You can change the thickness, looping style, thread quantity and color combination to create one-of-a-kind accessories.  Since there’s no pattern to follow, each “designer” is limited only by their imagination in creating one-of-a-kind designs.

They can even make necklaces, ankle bracelets, belts and more!

They can use as many threads and color combinations as they like and can make them thick, thin or anywhere in between.

It comes with 1 Loopdedoo spinning tool (complete with drawer for storing your gear), 18 different colored skeins of embroidery floss and detailed instructions.

This makes a fantastic gift for daughters, nieces, granddaughters — any young lady will be thrilled with the Loopdedoo!

Here are just a few reviews from satisfied customers:

“…This really is a good gift for children, ages 7+. I’ll be buying a couple more for nieces and friends in the near future…”

“I have given this toy as a gift to several girls, ages 8 to 11, and every one of them has been thrilled with it…”

 “…it provides enough long-lasting excitement that even you will probably be surprised how often your kids continue to return to this toy again and again…”

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Add this extra package of embroidery floss for hours and hours of fun jewelry making! Each package contains 150 8yd skeins of 100% cotton floss in a variety of the most popular solid colors!

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