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We love our pets and we treat them like members of our family.  So that means there will probably be gifts under the tree for our furry friends.

According to a new poll, 66 percent of Americans plan to give their pet a new toy to celebrate the holidays.

During last year’s Christmas shopping season, pet owners spent an average of $41 on gifts for pets and this year it’s expected to rise to about $46 for toys and goodies for our pets.

New toys are the top choice for presents with edible pet treats coming second.  Clothing, new beds, grooming products and leashes and collars round out the rest of the top pets’ gift list. What’s going to be in your pet stockings this year?

Pet gift baskets are always fun to give with a mix of toys, treats and useful pet products. Personalized pet gifts are also a big hit as gifts for pet lovers.

Check out our favorite picks for pets this year.

iPaw’d Dog Toy

Everything “i” related is a hot gift this Christmas season.  Why should your pet miss out on all the fun?  This fun iPaw’d toy comes loaded with apps like, FaceBark, SaFurri and DogTube.  Let your dog show his “hipness” with his very own iPawd!

Equally fun is the iBone Phone Dog Toy
Come on — you have all the latest gadgets, right, so why shouldn’t your pet?

Flatties Dog Toys

Dogs love soft cuddly toys.  Dogs also seem to love the stuffing inside!  If you’re tired of coming home to a room full of white fluff, then Flatties is the must have toy for your dog (or for any dog owner on your Christmas list!)

The body has a double layer of fabric, plush on the outside and canvas on the inside, but does not have stuffing in it, only a squeaker to excite your dog!

Hide Treat Toy

Keep your dog entertained and, hopefully, deter destructive behavior!  This Hide Treat Toy has seven treat hiding cups that will keep Fido entertained!

 Assort”Mutt” Cookies

For a real treat on Christmas morning, these all natural treats make a great gift for your dog.  There’s Peanut, Oatmeal & Apple, and Vanilla Flavors. They’re oven baked treats with NO added salt, refined sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Three Dog Bakery uses only all-natural, wholesome, close to the earth ingredients that you can  feel good about feeding your dogs.

 Rogz Grinz Treat Ball

Here’s a fun bounce and fetch toy that also lets you hide treats inside to keep your dog interested.  It even floats on water!

Your dog will be a laugh a minute at the dog park walking around with the “teeth” side showing when he fetches this ball!  It’s durable and comes in several colors.

For more great gift ideas visit the Pets Holiday Gift Guide

BowHaus Dog House Nightstand End TableSmall Silver BowHaus Hideaway Dog House Nightstand End Table

Forget about that unsightly dog crate!  Now there’s a stylish home for your pet that you won’t have to hide away.

This furniture collection appeal to pet’s natural instinct to have their own, cozy sanctuary (like their ancestors’ caves) and the pet owner’s desire for style. Pet owners want to include their pet in their life and everyday family moments, but are challenged by the unsightly appearance of dog crates and pillows which quickly become hair-covered and dirty.

This item solves the problem with its sturdy furniture collection ranging in styles from classic to modern.  The BowHaus is durable, with its striking starburst design and sleek silhouette, the powder-coated steel BowHaus is bona fide covetable furniture designed to set tongues wagging.





santaslistPet Club Cat Tree

Keep Kitty happy and healthy with this super cat tree.  Plenty of opportunities for exercise and scratching.

Nice high perches for cats to explore and to have a safe place if other pets in the house intimidate kitty.  Easy to assemble, it’s a full 72″ high – great if you have multiple cats or just want to make sure kitty gets plenty of exercise.

santaslistCat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

Cats love to play and they need exercise!  This is the perfect toy to make sure they do both!

The colorful ribbon will immediately get their attention.  No feathers or toys to come off the wand, just the long, colorful ribbon they’ll play with for hours.  Great for wearing your cat out if they tend to sleep all day and carouse all night!

santaslistCat Scratcher Lounge

Get the best of both worlds for your cat.  This “lounge” is both a bed and a scratching board.  It’s made of eco-friendly recycled cardboard and looks nice too!

Featured on Animal Planet’s ‘My Cat From Hell” the lounger offers your cat a soothing place to relax and a perfect place to exercise those claws instead of your furniture.

Stagger several on the wall for an attractive alternative to the typical cat tree play area.

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