Plasma Car

Who would believe that a popular toy with kids would require no batteries, no pedals, no gears or joysticks?  With the Plasma Car you just steer and away you go.

This multiple award winner is just like magic!  The Plasma Car is a mechanical marvel that makes use of the best form of renewable energy — kid power — by harnessing the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity and friction.

It’s so easy to operate, all it needs is a driver and a smooth, flat surface and you’re ready to roll!  It provides kids with plenty of exercise, more than most toys and it’s engineered to be absolutely safe when used properly.  It’s been extensively tested and meets or exceeds all significant international safety standards.

The Plasma Car taps into your child’s never ending supply of energy to fuel big fun.  They just turn the steering wheel from left to right and off they go.

With a weight capacity of 220 lbs. even big kids (we’re talking adults here!) find this loads of fun.  It’s safe, quiet, affordable and made of super durable ABS plastic.  Choose from red, blue, yellow, pink or purple.

Hear what happy customers have to say:

“It’s totally kid powered and easy to drive.  The cars are very sturdy and big enough for my 10 year old son to ride as well…”

“The cars can be used indoors or outdoors…the cars turn on a dime…it’s a great toy to get your kids active and away from the TV all the time..I love the fact that no batteries are involved, yet it virtually moves on its own without peddling…

“I highly recommend them!…”

“This toy is just plain fun.  Even for your kids!  In fact you might have to get them one as well!”

“The toy is fast enough for any toddler, and on a downhill slope can be a real thrill.  Toddlers will find it fun and they figure out how to make it move without any instruction.  They can also paddle it around with their feet as well.  Believe me, they will make it move plenty fast with just a little practice…”

EVERY ADULT (and just about every older kid) who comes to visit cant help themselves and must TRY it out for themselves!…”

“….if you are looking for a special toy – this is it!”…

“…This is easily the best ride on toy you can get for the kids.  Thanks to the Plasmacar, he has very good hand coordination…”

PlasmaCar“…really well made and nearly indestructable…”

“…fun without batteries…you want your kids to actually have to do something other than press a button to go, I recommend PlasmaCar…”

 “…best toy I have bought thus far! These cars have gone much further for my entertainment/activity dollar than I could have imagined…”

“…these cars are what all the neighbor kids come over to ride, and they all have those hundreds of dollars motorized bikes and scooters and they’re riding my kids no-motor plasma cars!  Very cool!  Would definitely buy them again!  It definitely deserves the Platinum Best Toy Award that it was given…”

“DEFINITELY A MUST BUY FOR ANY PARENT!!!  This product is tons of fun for children and adults with a little time on their hands!…”


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